26 aprile 2017

Venice Italy 2017: Giudecca 795 Art Gallery turning 10

Giudecca 795 Art Gallery is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since 2007, the gallery's mission has been and remains the search and high profile presentation of new talent. Photography, painting, design and -- more recently -- art glass and mosaics are the different modes of expression being explored. 
This year's exhibit programme focuses both on the artists with whom the gallery already collaborates and on two talent-scouting competitions: the "One Day in Venezia Photo Contest" for aspiring photographers and the "Mosaic Young Talent Award 2017" for young mosaic artists who demonstrate remarkable artistic achievement.

On the occasion of the Visual Arts Biennale starting in May, the gallery is exhibiting young artists. They include Cecilia Gioria, 26, a figurative artist already seen at Art Basel; Gjon Jakaj, 25, a photographer; and, in coming weeks, Marcelle Ottier, Jan Mizo, Schisci, and Duarja, to name a few. For the duration of 2017, all the artists of the gallery are the protagonists in a work-in-progress show/atelier. In addition, a group of new offerings will be presented to the collectors who, since 2007, have appreciated and supported the gallery’s activities. For them, the gallery reserves special events (in the exhibit rooms, artists’ studios, and other venues), and special discounts.

All year ’round, Giudecca 795 offers part of its space to the One Day in Venezia photo contest (which awards a winner each month and a yearly Grand Prize Winner). The gallery hosts the winner's solo show, the collective exhibition of the 12 finalists and the special prizes, and a digital display showing all the submitted photos. The display gives visibility to all the participants in a kaleidoscope of very special images of Venice as seen through the eyes of its most attentive visitors. Registrations at www.onedayinvenezia.com

During the Venice Film Festival from 25 August to 10 September, Giudecca 795 Art Gallery will host the preview of the "Mosaic Young Talent Award 2017” competition. Participants will include young mosaic masters attending the Mosaic School in collaboration with the Naonis Association of Pordenone. Guglielmo Zanette will be a special guest, exhibiting his "South Beach - Gold Collection".

Among the traditional events at the gallery: Giudecca 795 hosts Art Night Venezia (June 18th) and the Festival delle Arti di Giudecca e Sacca Fisola (8-10 September).

At the moment, Gallery hours are from 6pm to 9pm; will be 11 am to 8 pm shortly (closed Mondays and from 11 to 21 August). Because of several invitation-only events, it is advisable to check on the website for Giudecca 795’s opening times.

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