02 maggio 2015

New and hot

The exhibiting programme at the gallery and for ART@Hilton (at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice curated by the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery) has started with the solo show of the 22 years old Gjon Jakaj, from Kosovo, who fled the war with his family ad, as a result of this experience, focused on the joy of living, leading the viewer to the discovery of small, priceless moments. Much of his photographic work on display is inspired by bread, imbued with strong symbolic meaning. Giudecca 795 chose to present these works in Venezia inside the historic former mills where they enhance the connection between past and present. ITALIA COTTA - Venezia

The 795 team is also developing the second stage of the project "Contemporary Renaissance". Our galleries in Venezia are now hosting the new art by Giulio Rigoni, whose solo show is also scheduled at ART@Hilton in parallel with the 795.

We are pleased to announce our upcoming free mobile App, for live updates about our events and opening hours always at your fingertip. Keeping in touch will be really easy!

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