28 gennaio 2008

Giudecca795? Why not?

Hi everybody. E' stato un week-end movimentato (in realtà ci saremmo aspettati la calma piatta, vista l'inaugurazione ufficiale del Carnevale in piazza San Marco.. invece no, Giudecca795 "tira"). Ringraziamo i giornalisti che ci stanno seguendo e danno notizia dei nostri eventi. Un grazie particolare alle troupe di AllMusic (in onda sabato?) e Repubblica.it tv che ci hanno visitati ieri.
Sempre ieri, domenica, è stata per la terraferma di Venezia non solo la prima giornata di Carnevale ma anche la prima "domenica ecologica", la prima giornata dell'anno 2008 senz'auto proclamata dal Comune di Venezia. E i Ghigni di Plastica hanno fatto la loro apparizione nel gazebo dell'Assessorato all'Ambiente in piazza Ferretto a Mestre.

Grazie anche a Rossana Girotto e a Max Cortivo.

Cat Bauer racconta così il suo incontro con Nicolò:


Whimsical. Candid. Pensive. The dashing young artist, Nicolò Paoli, examines the world through the eyes of a fanciful cow, a curious juxtaposition that belies the creator's good looks. The exhibit, "Cows on Gondola," twenty acrylics on canvas, currently adorns the walls at the art gallery, Giudecca795. When I asked him, "Why a cow?" Paoli grinned. "Why not?" He elaborated, "Cows are not too important or arrogant. They produce milk and fertilizer, things that support life. I've always felt like a cow, thinking and watching the world go by. A cow rumina... I'm sorry, but I don't know this word in English -- ruminare -- in both senses of the word. They chew and contemplate."

"Ruminate," I offer. "It's a similar word in English."

His modesty seems genuine, and made all the more interesting considering his pedigree -- the twenty-seven-year -old artist and photographer is the son of Gino Paoli, the renowned Italian singer. Nicolò Paoli is hesitant when I ask him about his background, unwilling to capitalize on his lineage. "It is difficult because, of course, I want to be known for myself and my work. But, honestly, I am in love with my father! And my mother, even more. I couldn't have asked for better parents."

Paoli's cows ride in gondolas on canals sparkling with color, or graze in kaleidoscope fields of grass, and frequently wear a halo. Cows are often considered sacred, a symbol of abundance, the sanctity of life, the omnipresence of the Almighty. "I'm not at all religious," Paoli said. "In fact, I think organized religion is the cause of a lot problems in the world."

Born in Modena, and raised in Florence, then Genoa, Paoli has succumbed to Venice's charms, and plans to relocate to La Serenissima. "I have a special feeling about Venice," he said. "It's magical. The food is good. The people are friendly. I like the water, the light and that there are no cars." The idea that Venice is attracting young artists of caliber is welcome news, especially one from Genoa, Venice's ancient rival.

The gallery invited Paoli to create his "Cows on Gondola" exclusively for Giudecca795. During the Venice Carnival, and throughout the exhibit, Paoli can often be found working at his easel, and enjoys discussing his creative process with prospective clients.

Giudecca795 opened in August 2007, gambling on the exciting boom of art, culture and tourism on the island of Giudecca. Named after its address, and positioned between the new Hilton Molino Stucky and Harry's Dolci, Giudecca 795 enjoys a privileged location on the ground floor of Palazzo Foscari, a 16th Century palace that was once home to Mariano Fortuny, and where, up until 2006, the Luigi Nono Music Archive was situated. A trip to the gallery offers breathtaking views of the Giudecca Canal and Venice itself as a backdrop, and is a welcome destination after the sometimes-overwhelming throngs of tourists in the historic center.

The gallery features both established and up-and-coming artists, and also plays host to private organizations such as the "Circle of Sounds," a group of musicians who offer lessons for various levels of expertise, providing free instruments to beginners. With plenty of space available for exhibits, workshops, conferences, and seminars, in addition to offering skilled public relations, Giudecca 795 is a magnet for the future, and seems to be off to a dazzling start.

See www.giudecca795.com

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