17 maggio 2014

Giulio Rigoni participating to the Dak'Art Biennial - Dakar, Senegal

Dear Friends,I am happy to announce that our painter Giulio Rigoni (the only Italian artist invited in the official section) is participating to  Dak'Art , the Biennale of Dakar - Senegal which opened on 9 May.After this experience, and last year's success at ART @ Hilton, Giulio  Rigoni will return to Venice to present new works and new fantastic architectures, again at the Molino Stucky Hilton Venice Hotel for its 2014 exhibition series curated by Giudecca 795 (from 24  May), and at the Gallery on the occasion of the Venice Architecture Biennale .
Dak'Art , now at its 11th edition (through 8 June 2014) is the most important cultural event in Africa. For us, this invitation is an honor and a tremendous opportunity for exchange and growth. We thank the General Secretariat and all the staff for this great opportunity . A special thanks to the Italian Embassy in Dakar.Giulio Rigoni participates with the work "Distant Lands - Terres Lontaines - Distant Lands",  e​​specially made for Dak'Art. The technique , derived from pre-Renaissance is a detailed oil painting on wood, with extensive decorations in gold leaf . The subject refers to the theme chosen for the 2014 edition - "Cultural Diversity" , which aims to compare African and non African artists: art meant as a place of cultural dialogue between peoples.Rigoni has been appreciated and selected as the representative of the Italian creativity, technical, artistic and stylistic tradition  revisited in the spirit of the contemporary, and with the right amount of irony. The best legacy of the past combined with the potential of the present : this is the heart of the project "Contemporary Renaissance" promoted by Giudecca 795 , which Giulio is contributing with artworks of great charm and intelligence.In "Distant Lands " the artist tells us about Africa as a real experience but also as the place of origin of human history , able to reflect and awaken our visions and our deepest imagination . He represents it as a symbolic microcosm in which multiple stories develop. The exotic element , which is found in the colors and shapes of the garments and the painted architecture, intertwines with universal themes - such as the relationship with Nature, rituals, dreams, and wars .Everything is wrapped in a suspended and silent dimension, like a still picture in which the scenes take greater strength and time dilates accepting different elements. And the Sea, as the ancients imagined it, becomes the real element that visually divides the history, collapsing tumultuously, separating the known world from the one of dreams and mystery.

Thank you all for your continued appreciation and friendship.See you  soon !


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